Comedy as a medium – going hand in hand with weed.

Easing into an adaptive mindset – enabling new minds.

See what I did there? Can you imagine the wee level of personal gratification I received by roughly inserting the blog domain in the title… plus I used the term “weed” in the title *audience gasps*, which probably grabbed your attention due to the nature of humans tending to frown upon and discourage any open public discussion about said plant. The funniest bit is, its not even that relevant, its more of an attention grabber and although a rather cheeky, divisive, tactic…you’re here now so please forgive me and enjoy this article. It is probably best for me to clearly spell out the fact that I am not advocating said banned plant and my views on said banned plant will require further development before public sharing. If you think that mentioning weed in the title makes me some kind of outlandish speaker then I recommend you ask yourself why? Moving away from my more regular attempts at being educated, I’m going to throw the rather cliché “don’t judge a book by its cover” quote in your face. I actually personally detest skunk and it’s really not the main focus of this particular block of text but if you’re not grown up enough to talk about it when the time does come and it really upsets you, there isn’t a lot I can do about it… Read something else or develop your communication skills and explain to me how I am in fact wrong to talk freely about the devils lettuce.

As much as this article is just a jumbled, mismatched, attempt to bring you up to speed with my own personal journey and education, I’m going to attempt to keep this write up a little lighter hearted than my previous two. I shall be judging, as always, the response to this article to see how it’s stomached. Receiving feedback is therefore non-negotiable and a crucial part of my personal development and quite possibly yours. Not sure if I can ram that down your throats anymore. In fact, I probably can but to spare me from such a fate give getting involved a little go. I’m probably one of the very few people who does in fact give a fuck what you have to say – you might enjoy sharing.

Joe Rogan, Russell Brand, Mark Manson, Books, Podcasts and Netflix. Something for everyone… Unless you’re a jihadist then I have nothing for you…

A mixed bag, right? On review these are were the first three figures who I believe acted as catalysts in provoking a new way of thinking for me and if you do your research a fair few million others. Mark Manson significantly less than the latter. I want to look at these figures in the way that I believe makes most sense. Firstly, mildly following the chronological order in which they appear to me and secondly in an order in which I believe allows your brain to become more malleable to the acceptance of new ideas; be it profound ancient wisdom, new world solutions or the breaking down of flimsy unjustified beliefs, that, if like me – you may have carried. I would say that if one was to look, read and listen to the shows, books and podcasts that I have suggested prior to this article, am currently recommending and will be continuing to promote then your brain is going to be sponging some really invigorating and refreshing, possibly new, ideas. Ideas which I believe will ultimately diffuse into and out of all areas of your life. If it’s all new to you then I’m excited for you, as the effect they had on me personally was exciting and transformative in what I truly believe is a positive light and if its old news then boo, I hope you still find my opinions on said pieces of content entertaining and informative to some degree. Don’t get me wrong these aren’t underground figures, they are giants in the modern world and are very well regarded, heavily established and widely recognised, however continuing to increase the level of public engagement and inspiring more individuals to investigate their works is precisely one of the goals that is driving my writing. I have regularly found that my own enthusiasm spills over onto the people around me and encourages them to take a gander themselves at whichever area of life has tickled my fancy and I’m attempting to do this with pieces typically disregarded as “boring”, educational pieces without context and string them together in a life changing way. 

Comedy as a medium,

Sitting and watching someone bang on about politics, consciousness, spirit and nature when you’re not really in touch with any of those topics can seem tedious. I get it. Especially if you don’t have an opinion on the topics and can’t interact. It can quickly become a lecture that’s possibly laying into the way you might just happen to live your life – no fun at all. However, when these ideas are carefully drip fed through rational comedy sketches, Netflix shows, podcast and books, it doesn’t seem so harrowing. This is why I think that comedy plays a crucial role in converting peoples thinking, allowing for an adaptive mindset and therefore, you guessed it, enabling new minds. 2/3.  It certainly did for me and as dreadfully boring as this sounds it really does make education fun. Eugh, it pains me to have to spell things out like that and possibly isn’t the right way of doing so but right now I haven’t found a better model for getting my point across so we are rolling with it.

In terms of comedy as a medium and its relation to the mystic realm there is a lot to say on comedians as shamans which is accompanied by both factual resemblances and historical evidence for their places within society. This is another topic I would like to explore further if the time comes in a separate piece of writing.  

Being in my opinion the most obviously entertaining with his respect demanding persona and the ability to both leave you in stiches and bring you to tears; Joe Rogan’s comedy and podcasts have caused a huge social media movement interviewing the likes of; Elon Musk, Kanye West, Derren Brown, Louis Theroux, Neil deGrasse Tyson and a wild range of sports persons, celebrities and Hero’s. His range in content has allowed him to gain an uncontrollable reputation with a couple million views on the vast majority of his videos and is one of the most popular figures along with Sam Harris on platforms such as the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’. I’m not going to bang on relentlessly about his achievements because he is such a mixed bag and its for you to discover but I would point you in the direction of his stand-up comedy on Netflix to begin with. It won’t be long before you’re on the Joe Rogan for president boat. Open mindedness and honesty run throughout but its his comedy which reached out and engaged me the most via Netflix and Spotify. Hard-nut, outspoken, mixed martial arts, weed smoking, liberal who commentates on the UFC… come on check him out. He smoked weed with Elon Musk live on a podcast, surely that intrigues you. His podcast on Spotify are all funny as fuck and he’s a total advocate for Marijuana use as well which is interesting- a few of my favourite quotes go as follows…

  • “Prison is for rapists, thieves and murderers. If you lock someone up for smoking a plant that makes them happy, then you’re the fucking criminal” – Joe Rogan
  • “the only way marijuana can kill you is if someone takes 25 pounds of it and throws it out of a CIA drug plane and it hits you in the fucking head. That’s how you die from marijuana” – Joe Rogan

There was also something along the lines of weed doesn’t make you a loser, being a loser makes you a loser, don’t use weed to justify it, if it wasn’t pot it would be sugar or burgers etc etc. I kind of agree with this but don’t really want to get into breaking this down as I have a lot to say on the subject and I’ll save that for a future article in which the pot heads can deny or subsequently relish in.

Now Mark Manson’s book “The subtle art of not giving a fuck”, really touches on Joe Rogan’s attitude and the one I try to implement on myself – failingly. It basically states the fact that you’re always going to care about something / give a fuck, but you have to choose what’s really important to you. What do you want to give a fuck about? are you giving your fucks to the right thing? etc. Do I get mad at the foxes in the garden for letting out their botty bashing death rattles in the middle of the night or when someone moved my keys and now, I’m going to be late for work? Or do I save my fuck giving for the values and matter in which are more important? My Family, my friends whatever I draw true and pure meaning from. I hope I have accurately communicated the gist of the book or at least how I interpreted it and  I will be re-reading it and possibly putting up a proper book review at some point but for anyone who wants to get going on it, I would highly recommend giving it a read its light hearted, fun and seems to contain a certain amount of possible life-altering content.

All of this can be elaborated on and undoubtedly will be revisited in the future but I wanted to save some space to talk about Russell Brand, his books and most importantly to me, his podcast series “Under the Skin”. You may not be as lucky as me to be in a position to listen to this throughout your day but Spotify is a free service and the premium version isn’t particular expensive either. First and foremost, I would like to personally thank Russell Brand for his work in the under the skin podcasts. They truly are informative, engaging and transformative and have personally helped to significantly improve my understanding of this world as well as plant the seed for starting this project myself.

It is as if he and his team have designed a personal guide on opening and expanding your mind to the world around us. I can truly see the importance of these podcasts; to act as a well needed stepping stone in converting the mindsets of millions of young people and I believe it will play a significant role in the overall shift of consciousness that needs to rapidly undergo many of us. To me it clearly and precisely outlines areas of key importance to the soul, the future of mankind and touches on issues that should be in the forefront of our collective discussions as a species. His series and the accompanied information and insights inspired me to share my own story and continue to study and promote these ideas as the levels of human injustice which even some of the most privilege of us face, the unhappiness and discontent that even many millionaire bankers must surely be feeling became clearer. How we must begin to engage in as much open minded, adaptive discussion as we can to begin to tackle some of these individual issues at the core! Sam Harris is discussing the maintenance of civilisation in one of his older podcasts and touches upon the fact that its not “what we think” that is important; Its “how we think”, having the ability to see the other side of an argument and not being so set in our ways that we cannot admit that their might be a better path or a different way of looking at things. This must become a universal concept for humans if we are to progress further and in my opinion is the biggest challenge facing human-kind. To me, education, compassion and having these free-flowing discussions will make positive change possible. This idea of a better thinking pattern and clearer conversation is what currently interests me more than anything and you will undoubtably be hearing much more on it from me.

Whilst I’m on the subject of old Russ – I wanted to also credit him on his most recent book “recovery”, focusing on the 12-step programme and significantly urbanising it by replacing almost every other word in the 12-step overview with “fucked” and although I found some segments of the book rather unnecessary with both its narrative and choice of language… I don’t want to discredit the fact that it has probably done a whole load of good in the world and has certainly helped me gain a better perspective and lid on my own addictive behaviours… including; stopping smoking, increased control over my eating habits and helped to control a fair few other addictions I seemed to have been riddled with. Many large sections of the book are also hilarious and offer extremely profound insights so it has undoubtably made it onto my Enable New Minds Reading List.

Hopefully this article has still been engaging and it has possibly provided you a few areas to dive into and enjoy. Please do check these shows and podcasts with an open mind, welcome them with arms wide open and strive to seize upon the value in which I promise lies within them – the knowledge and insights, I have found and made use off. If there is anything you would like me to elaborate on, are confused about or have any questions or feedback for me feel free to send me a message through, Email, Facebook or Instagram. Feel free to follow my social media accounts which are currently pumping out daily quotes, statistics, ideas, etc in attempt to actually help give you some of the language tools to engage, things I have picked out from the works I have been studying which I feel are worth a brief read through on your shiny screen. If you enjoyed reading this or like me as a friend and want to support my work give this a share! Yes, I am stating that if you don’t share this you are essentially “not coming to my birthday party” and my parties are good.

You know the drill. Peace out.

Enable new minds… 3/3.