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Enable New minds is the branding that I’ve given to this project of mine that seems to have formed. Its comprised of two main sections; the first is my personal blog articles & podcasts; the intentions of which are summarised to the best of my ability at the time in my first piece – “Welcome to my learning blog…”, I ask you to read/re-read that to avoid me repeating myself.

And the second is the accompanied social media projects which aim to create, share and promote the content that has lead me to my beliefs or at the very least has offered me a new light on certain matters and I believe is worth sharing with the world… Content that I believe is important and impact-full in creating an adaptive, well-rounded mindset withing individuals including; quotes, podcasts, facts, statistics, definitions, ideas, watching recommendations, book reviews and key character breakdowns.

Some examples of the content we publish on our social media, little reminders which complement the subjects embedded in the articles I’m writing.

Both of these are here to try and provoke; more thoughtful, open-minded and educated discussion and conversations taking place around what I deem to be some of the most important topics, areas and issues that we currently face in our ever changing, all mysterious – modern world.

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